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Get more and pay less with The Principal Team’s “Full Service without the Fees” Ultimate Home Selling System.

Instead of paying more than 6% in total commissions, you’ll pay your Principal Team agent a 1% commission and a commission to the buyer’s agent.

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Full Service without The Fees

The real estate industry has changed considerably since agents drove offers and contracts back and forth. Nowadays, agents save time with e-contracts, use technology to manage showings, and communicate with clients online. It’s easier than it’s ever been to track the effectiveness of marketing efforts and coordinate all the details that go into selling a home. As we all know, home prices are also higher now than they’ve ever been. With prices so high, commission checks are at record highs, too. The advantages technology brings to the real estate industry haven’t resulted in lower costs for consumers. We’re working to change that.

The Principal Team provides top-notch service and charges lower fees than other agents. With our Sell Your Home For One Percent model, we’re able to help more people sell homes – even people with less equity in their homes – and we’ve grown faster than ever because we get more new business, more referrals and more repeat clients. 

There are no hidden fees. Ever. The savings we calculate here are based on a 6% commission. You pay The Principal Team a 1% commission and we help you decide what to pay the buyer’s agent. 

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For a free consultation, contact David and Tom at The Principal Team. We’ll go over what the current market looks like, the costs of selling a home and discuss your goals Even if you don’t plan to move for several months, it’s appropriate to call now to ensure all the details are taken care of and we’re prepared to start  marketing your home as soon as you’re ready.

David Lampe and Tom Grant
The Principal Team – Metro Brokers

“David’s services were an outstanding value for the 1% commission he charges. I’ve done many real estate deals throughout Colorado in the last 10 years, and I can say, David doesn’t skimp on service. Not only is this the lowest commission I’ve paid, the service and expertise I received from David is probably the best and highest I’ve ever received. I highly recommend David. Frankly I’ve never understood why other realtors get such high commissions on real estate transaction. David’s pricing structure will hopefully lead other brokers to more sane pricing.”

– Allen H., Castle Pines

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